Azure Active Directory Basic (Free)

Информация за продукта: Azure Active Directory Basic (Free)

Microsoft Azure
AD Basic (Free) provides the following capabilities
Core Identity and Access Management
Directory Objects *1
Single Sign-On (SSO) (unlimited) *2
User provisioning
Federated authentication (ADFS or third-party IDP)
User and group management (add/update/delete)
Device registration
Cloud Authentication (Pass-Through Auth, Password Hash sync, Seamless SSO)
Azure AD Connect sync (extend on-premises directories to Azure AD)
Self-service Password Change for cloud users
Azure AD Join: desktop SSO & administrator bitlocker recovery
Password protection (global banned password)
Multi-Factor Authentication *3
Basic security and usage reports
External identities
Secure and manage customers and partners

Default usage quota is 50,000 objects. An object is an entry in the directory service, represented by its unique distinguished name. An example of an object is a user entry used for authentication purposes. If you need to exceed this default quota, please contact support. The 500,000 object limit does not apply for Office 365, Microsoft Intune or any other Microsoft paid online service that relies on Azure Active Directory for directory services.

With Azure AD Free, end users who have been assigned access to SaaS apps can get unlimited SSO access to cloud apps. On-premises applications require Azure AD Application Proxy or secure hybrid partnerships integrations available with Azure AD P1 and P2.

Authentication methods and configuration capabilities may vary by subscription, please see here for more details.

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