Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations - Order Lines

Product Details: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations - Order Lines

This subscription includes 100K order lines
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations - Order Lines licence subscription allows you to extend the use of the Commerce, Finance, Project Operations, or Supply Chain Management applications with an alternative to user and device-based licensing. The Operations – Order Lines license enables internal users, partners, customers, connected automated systems, loT devices and bots to update specific tables with transactional licensing based on the number of order lines updated in those tables.
Operations – Order Lines licenses:
• Alleviate pricing and licensing friction in many common multiplexing scenarios.
• Support more scenarios that involve external users.
• Enable licensing of automated systems and devices that don’t include users, such as in IoT scenarios.
• Improve licensing cost transparency and predictability.
• Tie licensing costs more directly with business outcomes.

To qualify for Operations – Order lines licensing, a transaction must:
• Be an indirect transaction that utilizes an OData or DIXF integration. Direct use of the Dynamics application or integrations outside of OData or DIXF do not qualify.
• Only update data in the tables designated as qualifying for Operations – Order Lines use

Refer to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licening Guide for further details

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