Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Product Details: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights subscription, which is licensed per user, improves engagement and decision-making with prebuilt and embedded business insights that are easy to act upon. Sales Enterprise licenses automatically include select Sales Insights features, including assistant cards, email engagement, auto capture of Outlook activity, and business card scanning. (Business card scanning in this case has a capacity limit of 10/user/month, pooled at the tenant level).
Sales Premium includes the full capabilities of Sales Insights, which you can also buy as an additional application if you have a Sales Enterprise or MRSs Plus license (not available to Sales Professional users).

A full Sales Insights license enables these additional features:
• Predictive scoring (lead and opportunity)
• Pipeline intelligence
• Predictive forecasting
• Notes analysis
• Business card scanning
• Conversation intelligence
• Relationship analytics
• Connection insights (who knows whom and talking points)
• Assistant studio
Sales Insights has a capacity limit for business card scanning of 200/user/month and a Conversation Intelligence capacity of three hours/user/month. If additional business card scanning capacity is required, you may buy additional Sales Insights capacity licenses.
When Sales Insights is licensed via Sales Premium, additional Sales Insights capacity can be bought by
purchasing additional Sales Premium licenses

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