Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Product Details: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management subscription expands on inventory and logistics scenarios providing a single, organisation-wide source of truth for inventory quantity-on-hand with the Inventory Visibility Add-in.
In Asset Management, customers will be able to bill for maintenance work.
Manufacturing adds execution with scale units in the cloud to run mission-critical processes without interruption.

Supply Chain Management provides manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with the real-time visibility and intelligence they need for proactive operations. It unifies data and uses predictive insights from AI and IoT-across order fulfillment, planning, procurement, production, inventory, warehousing, and transportation processes-to maximise operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability. Supply Chain Management is licensed per user and has minimum purchase requirements detailed in the Product Terms.
Supply Chain Management automatically includes enough Asset Management capacity for you to manage and maintain up to 100 physical assets throughout their lifecycles. If you need additional asset capacity, you may buy more.

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