Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection - Loss Prevention

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is designed to protect your e-commerce business against fraud using its purchase protection, account protection, and loss prevention capabilities. With adaptive AI technology, it empowers you to boost your revenue, lower costs, and give your customers a seamless shopping experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection - Loss Prevention allows you to identify anomalies and potential fraud on returns and discounts enabling store managers to quickly take action to mitigate losses. Retailers can employ this to combat challenges including improper discounts and returns from omnichannel purchases.

When customers buy items at a discounted price online but then return them in-store and receive a full-price refund, the merchant loses revenue. This is one of the known improper discounts and returns examples.

Another improper discounts and returns scenario occurs when a customer buys and returns a product online, but the item is never picked up from the customer’s location. This results in lost revenue for the merchant.

The loss prevention capability deals with the issue of improper discounts and returns by fostering business intelligence, helping protect your revenue, and streamlining automation.

Store managers and investigators can gain insights on disparities between discount and returns and reduce their manual efforts when determining loss risk.

An enhanced loss prevention system with fraud analysis is able to react quickly to fraud and purchase patterns with merchants and give insights on how to decrease these improper discounts and returns. It turns transaction and sales data into anomaly reports.

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