Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - e-Commerce Tier 2

Product Details: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - e-Commerce Tier 2

e-Commerce base tier, includes 10K e-Commerce transactions per month.
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 e-Commerce application, which is licensed per tenant, enables Commerce to support ecommerce. Every e-Commerce Tier license comes with one Commerce Scale Unit – Cloud and includes a specified allowance of e-commerce transactions.
A transaction is defined as the final purchase of an ecommerce shopping cart, regardless of the number of items in the cart.
E-Commerce Tiers are purchased based on the anticipated B2B and B2C transactions and average order value (AOV) expected for the year. (AOV = Total applicable e-commerce revenue/Total transaction volume per year.)
If you need additional transactions, you can purchase the corresponding overage tier. If you expect a change in AOV, you need to re-assess the appropriate band.
If you need additional environments for e-commerce (more environments for Commerce Scale Unit - Cloud) you can purchase additional units of the e-Commerce Tier. E-Commerce Tier licenses are licensed per month, but transactions are enforced on an annual basis.

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